Angela lives and works in Toronto. She has worked on five continents creating performance with all ages. Angela works easily in large scale productions, intimate settings, and site specific theatre.



I am passionate about discovery and growth in the process of creating theatre. With each new project, my approach is to find a new creative problem that I can solve. Sometimes this is in the technical and sometimes in the performers, but I always approach these as a new challenge to learn and develop my craft.

I believe that theatre makers are risk takers and world changers. Taking the leap to follow another person’s vision requires grit and determination. When done with passion, lives are transformed.

Theatre empowers. The mere act of creating a performance gives power to the ensemble, which includes all participants. Once this is shared with an audience, the challenge to them is to take that and change what is around them. 

I am passionate about creating works that give strength to the oppressed voice and find confidence for them. I have experimented with many of these voices and find all powerful when given the tools and stage to tell their story.

I am excited about the possibilities of physical theatre and technology. The scope for development of this ancient art form is limitless. We need only dream together to find the new path.


I am a passionate teacher of acting and theatre pedagogy with over two decades of experience. My current interests are in the physical theatre realm but have been developing an understanding of Meisner Repetition and its teachings. With all my experiences, I have blended to create a theatre pedagogy that is unique.


I have acted as an International Schools Theatre Association Rep since 2009 and thoroughly enjoy this other side of the work. I have hosted ISTA festivals as well as creating and hosting dance, music, and inter-arts festivals at schools where I work. I enjoy the minutiae of planning enough to do it well and often, but understand the need to support and have a team work together to develop the magic that students bring.


Since 2002 I have taught IBDP Theatre and MYP Drama classes in the contexts of four different schools. I have continued to train in DP Theatre by examining course components as well as working on the Curriculum Review Committee. I have also kept my theatre skills up to date with regular workshops in various theatre theories and practice.



I search for roles that inspire me and give me the opportunity to discover new perspectives. 


I believe there is not much better than finding exactly the right moment in an improvised scene.