I have almost 30 years of experience teaching theatre. I do this internationally through the International Schools Theatre Association.


Puppet Masters  

Learn how to create and manipulate two-dimensional shadow puppets.


Theatre for Change

Based in the Arsenal of the Theatre of the Oppressed, this workshop empowers participants to speak up and out and create moving issues based theatre events.


Where Was Bart Simpson Born?  

Most people think it was Springfield, or on Matt Groening’s drawing table, but we forget about the Italian links to Commedia del’Arte. This is a practical workshop learning how to create the character body, movement, voice and gestures of the most famous of the people now seen in all sitcom archetypes.


Repeat After Me

Sanford Meisner is one of the 20th century’s most influential acting teachers, with his theory of repetition. Start on the journey of the reality of doing in a practical workshop that gets you up and working with others to develop acting skills.


Tell It as It Was

This workshop offers a look at adding Verbatim Theatre to the DP Theatre study. During this workshop, participants will actively be involved in creating a short piece. This will culminate in discussion of links to ToK and other DP course material.


Dance of Darkness

The physical theatre performance art of Japan, Butoh, is explored and unearthed. Participants develop skills of movement exploration. Links to use in scripted work are made.


Physical Theatre

Looking at practices from around the world and through time (Viewpoints, Frantic Assembly work, 7 Levels of Tension, Laban, Biomechanics, etc) participants will develop their own unique approach to physical work.